The mandate given to the Rupertsland Institute is to:

  1. Identify and promote actions that improve education, skill levels and employment opportunities for Métis people;
  2. Manage and deliver programs that enable Métis individuals to pursue an education, enhance their skill level, and to find productive and remunerative occupations and employment;
  3. Engage the Province of Alberta, the Government of Canada, educational institutions, industry and the Métis community in order to promote partnerships that enhance education, skill development and employment opportunities for Métis people; and
  4. Conduct research and produce professional studies that enable a better understanding of Métis identity, the social, economic and cultural conditions of the Métis people, and the measures that will enhance their individual and collective well-being within Canadian society.

Objects as delineated in the RLI Memorandum of Association (2010):

  1. To educate and increase the public’s appreciation of Métis culture, Métis educational attainment, and labour market outcomes of Metis people;
  2. To create a forum and institute for the exchange of ideas about the Métis;
  3. To conduct research into all matters affecting the place of Métis within Canadian society and economy in the interest of furthering knowledge about the Métis, and to promote understanding and reconciliation of the Métis by the public;
  4. To develop, manage and deliver programs that assist Métis to achieve their educational and employment goals; and
  5. To develop partnerships with governments, education institutions, other training providers, and public/private sector employers to enhance education and employment outcomes for Métis citizens of Alberta.